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St. John's Visuals

Images of St.John's and the surrounding area.

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Anybody , Moderated

Welcome to St. John's Visuals!

This community was created for those who like to take photos of anything within St. John's (or the surrounding area) and would like to show them off! This community is also for those who have moved away and would like to get their daily dose of home, or anyone simply interested in the city. Photographers of all expertise are welcome - beginners to professionals.

Anyone who lives in St. John's knows how picturesque and visually cultural the city can be. We want to see all kinds of photos, from nature scenes, or local events, to a funny sign. Historical photos welcome.

What is life in St. John's like for you? Show us visually! Grab your digital camara and have fun!

- If you are posting more than one photo, place the first one on the main page and put the rest behind an Lj-cut.
- All photos should be less than 600 pixels in width, otherwise please link to them.
- All enteries should be work-friendly, tastefull/artistic nudity is allowed if behind a Lj-cut with a warning.
- No non-photo enteries... introductions are not required to join this community, but you may post text along with your photos if you wish. If you would like to promote a community or a local event you need prior permission from the maintainer or a moderator.
- Discussion is allowed and encouraged :)

St.John's Visuals sister community:

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- This community is maintained by crizzles and luminere (emails in profile).
- Credit goes out to alcobooze and cujo8400 of windsor_visuals for the inspiration behind this community.